10 February 2015

Back in the game

So today I got the beads out while the toddler slept. And it was so nice to get back into looming! Granted I only had time to do 3 lines, but it's better than nothing. For that reason I have nothing to show as yet, other than my enthusiasm. Hopefully I'll have time to work on it more.

Happy beading!

4 February 2015

Life happens

The reason I've bee away so long, life happens. There's the children and their studies, the toddler, and running a home. We had to move in the week before Christmas. Cue mad packing, organising, cleaning and settling in! And now we are into the New Year and I added studying to my plates that need balancing! I have seen some bead looming projects on Facebook that have inspired me to try and get out the portrait I was last working on. So let's hope tomorrow I can squeeze in a little time of looming. I know that once I start it will go well.

So here's to tomorrow. May it bring motivation (and time) for me to work with those little wonders called delicas!

Happy Beading and crafting.