3 October 2014

The Mr

So I made a start on the Mr's portrait, and I'm at the top of the heads. I'm working bottom up (pattern has been reversed) so I can advance the beadwork - on the Mirrix. It's looking ok so far. I've yet to check against the photo of the pattern.

Anyway here is the progress so far.

I've gotten faster at loading the beads and getting them onto the loom. Am almost at the stage where I can lay out the beads in order without looking at the chart.

I'll likely post again when I get to the top of the second head. Exciting and scary times lay ahead. Thanks for reading and have a good weekend.


  1. Is there an update? I would love to see how it is getting on. x

    1. Hello Cherie, unfortunately not!! I had to knit a cardie for my nephew. But hopefully soon I'll be back to looming so keep an eye out :)