5 September 2014

The sense of relief is palpable!

So, the recipient of the purse got it today and SHE LOVED IT!!! You can guess the relief I felt knowing that! Not sure why I thought she wouldn't be happy with me, it seems to be a habit of mine! So, I can now present NattyRichiardo to you. Thank you for the challenge, Natty.

Now I can relax!. I have the Mirrix warped up for another portrait - my Husband's present. I'll post a progress photo when I have done something significant. Another thing I have to do is to finalise the pattern for my mum's purse. I'll be adding a design and frame to cover the white sections on the back (late grandmothers' photo). Then I can hopefully use my other loom for that.

Have a great weekend whatever you have planned.

3 September 2014

Very happy!

Elena from Mirrix Looms asked me to send a photo of the finished purse to be added to their gallery. Naturally I was happy to oblige!

I posted the purse on Friday afternoon but it won't be picked up till Friday. So as soon as I get the call I'll post the photos here.

In the meantime, I will be making a start on my Husbands present. I need to decide which loom I'll be using then I can warp and make a start...when he's gone to work! :) There probably won't be any progress photos for a while.