29 August 2014

Two out of three!

So, I finished the purse yesterday! Rather happy with it but I will reserve myself until the recipient gets it. I won't post any photos just yet, till it's been handed over. But there's not much else to see from the last photo I posted.

I also have this purse that needs finishing. It's for someone who is (and has been) a great friend to my brother. I was debating whether, instead of sewing the sides, I attach lining so that it shows through on the sides. But I'm not sure I would be happy with that. So I think the way to go is sew the sides up and then insert lining. I may need to order some other colours, I'll decide later.

I have two projects lined up. One for the Mr, and the other for my mum. Both loomed (what am I on!). The Mr's birthday is in December and I thought it would be nice to have it done in time for that. But I would have to hide it. But I also want to work on my mum's purse.

I have two looms I could use, so I'll check and see if I can work on them both at the same time. I want to work the purse in one piece, and hoping to do some shaping of sorts. Time to do some reading (bead books!) :)

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