12 August 2014

One down....almost!

KWhen I last updated the blog, I mentioned I had something on the loom. Well, I finally finished, and cut it off. Over I few days I stitched it down with white mounting board as backing. 

Saturday I went out on the hunt for a mount and frame. Unfortunately there was no mount with the right aperture. So, I 'trial framed' using the next size up. I think I'll be going for an ivory mount and black frame. I may try snd go again to see if the have the right size mount. 

In the meantime I'm working on the fringe of the purse. What's funny is I had to watch my inw video to remind myself how to do twisted fringe! I've made good progress - onto the first group on the other side. If I knuckle down I could have it finished by the weekend. Then the strap which I need to finalise in my head. 

Happy beading :)

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