26 July 2014

Back to it

I had to finish a jumper I was knitting for my cousin. But next on my list was to complete the loomed projects that have been gathering dust in storage. I finished the jumper on Wednesday but today was the first opportunity I had to do any looming. I managed some lines, only to realise I was following the wrong chart!! So I'll have to undo about 3-4 (thankfully short) rows. It's still a little frustrating but could have been worse.

I've found the right chart so here's hoping the baby sleeps quickly and I get some good 2 hours in. It looks to be a late one today. Unfortunately I can't share this project I'm working on (it's a portrait), but I'll let you know the reaction of the recipient once they receive it. Before mid next month would be good so I had best get cracking!