30 January 2014

Back to old crafts

I finally found some time to get into crafts again. I'm afraid to say it's mainly yarn - crochet and (very recently) knitting. I seem to have lost a little of my interest in beading. But I'll have to get it back as I have two projects that need completing. 

Our addition arrived safely in August, and is absolutely adored by her siblings! She reached the stage of wanting to touch everything long ago so I have to keep yarn out of her reach!

So, at the moment it's crochet and knitting. I learnt to knit aged 10, and even have the book my mum bought mr for my birthday :) So far I've done a hat, which was lost at school but luckily found!! He loves it, as you can see.

And will also be working on a sweater for my youngest.

I joined a group on Facebook where they have a theme every month. January was a crochet-along (CAL) blanket/afghan. And this is what I'm making:

I have until tomorrow to finish it. The yarn is lovely (from Lidl) and I've managed to resist buying more when I've passed through for shopping. 

Let me get on with it. I have one more section of colour to do then I need to edge and block it!! Have a good day and thank you for checking in despite the drought!!

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