12 April 2013

There's (almost) always a good reason

And I have a good one for why I haven't been keeping up with my blogging....at least I hope it's acceptable!

The first month or two of the year were difficult for me. I felt quite ill most of the time, and was lacking energy to even do any beading or looming. Now, that shows you how bad it was! I normally don't go a few weeks without working on something! Anyway, I finally mustered up some energy and started on the bracelet with the swirl pattern. And the afghan for our sitting room.

I have to admit that crochet has somewhat overtaken my beadwork of late! I have my nephews' blanket to finish still - the yarn I needed was out when I went to buy more. I've also started on one for my daughter, with the next being for my son!

Anyway, this was all about explanations! The reason I've not been keeping up to date is this little bug!

We are getting ourselves ready to welcome a little mini-me towards the end of summer :) All is well so far and she is active. The picture from the second scan isn't great as she was lyng on her tummy - showing signs of stubbornness already! And we had the chance to really see the heart beating for a while. Even the two sections were clear. Just amazing!

My eldest is very excited and keeps asking, every time I have an appointment, if we are getting the baby!! I can't wait to see them with her :)

So now I have to plan some more crochet. A blanket and hopefully jumpers and a hat and socks! With so many projects on the go I'm not sure how I'll fit it all in! Time will tell!

For now I will sign off. Work calls then a weekend at my brothers with my mum and minis. Enjoy your weekend and whatever it may bring :)

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