11 March 2013

The pain of it!

My GORGEOUS nephew was born last week (one week today!). I had planned to make him a blanket, and started one sometime in February. You know when you work on something and it doesn't inspire you or make you want to work on it? Well it was one of those. Despite everyone else saying how nice it looked, I just wasn't happy. So I put it away...or rather didn't work on it.

After trawling the Internet and seeing some amazing works, I changed direction!! I'm now much happier with what I'm doing - using tunisian crochet. The issue now is I have found a mistake!, about 8 rows back!! I dropped a stitch. I've already had to undo about 3 rows. So I've decided to just add in the missing stitches and continue. The thought of going back all those rows is too depressing! Open illy it won't affect the design. Still the bottom section so I think it should be fine. This is the last photo I took, I'll post again when I've made more progress.