9 December 2012

The crochet bug bit me!!!

And I'm finding it hard to resist it! I've rediscovered crochet after seeing the beautiful handy works of my clever sister (please take the time to visit her blog HERE).

So, I started a while ago on what was to be a handbag....it decided to take on a mind of its' own and become a blanket. So I plodded and crocheted away, interspersed with some beadwork of course!!

I finally finished the border about two weeks ago, but the boring bit still remained - weaving in all those ends!!! I started questioning why I had done colour changes. But it wouldn't have looked so pretty otherwise!! So I present my first granny square blanket

In the process of making it, I chose the recipient - a friends' baby! They (read the mother) are eagerly waiting on it. Hopefully it lasts them a while....well it should considering its' size :D

My oldest wants me to make him something so i m now working on a jumper. I also started a variegated thread shawl for my youngest. I run out of yarn but bought some a while back. I have to decide what I can take to work on to and from work this week.

As for beading, I'm still doing it but I can't share. One will be shown once the recipient gets it - I'm involved in a swap on a group. I just hope she likes it!!!

I also recently got a macro lens (let's call her Tammy). BEAUTIFUL as a macro and portrait lens :) I'll have to wait for spring for some serious bug action, but here is one I made earlier.

The coming week is set to be cold with possibly sone snow! I'm off to bed with a warm cup of milk and a little more crochet. Goodnight and enjoy your week :)

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