15 November 2012

One down, still a few to go

I FINALLY got off my lazy you-know-what and made a start on my to-do list! I started on these earrings long ago. One was actually completed, so I only had to do the other yesterday. I finished the bevelling and embellishment yesterday, and sized the chain for attaching to the ear wires today. I rather like them! It's not the original design as I have no headpins to hand. But I still like them. I think I'll have to make myself some - amethyst or sapphire, yum!

I'm also working on this baby blanket. It looks much prettier in real life (and in the daytime)! I've got to think about the border as I go along. That will add to the width. This is a more portable project. I've taken it to work the past two days.

Back to it, still have much to do!


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