14 October 2012

Last minute.com!

I managed to finish the belt...on the day I was to wear it!! Yes, a little procrastination, and lack of time!

And it looked FABULOUS!! I even wore some heels - rather I changed into them when we got to the party. That didn't last long though. My feet started hurting so I took them off! At least I looked good for the short time I wore them.

Anyway, here is evidence. I refuse to show my face, don't want to scare the readers away :)

I'm coming down with a cold so may not do much over the next few days. My mum is also coming to visit so I'll be out and about a fair bit on my days off.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your week :)


  1. I saw it in person I still can't figure out why she ain't taking orders from easy :)
    I though u wore the heels all the way!!!! Woos

  2. It's been a while since I wore heels!! Think I need these gel packs :)