16 September 2012

Fringing and planning

The fringe is coming along very nicely indeed. In the last post, I was still thinking about whether the design I had in mind would work. I didn't want to start it only to have to take it out! But, luckily for me, it worked great! Unfortunately I've run out of the colour that goes at the bottom of the fringe. So I'll have to wait till the coming week to continue. Monday to Wednesday are work days. Unless I have time in the evenings (read not too tired or lazy), then I'll be able to squeeze in some fringing. Otherwise it will likely be Thursday at the earliest.

This is the result of my 'decision'. The plan I to have the same on the other side. I considered doing the opposite on the other side, but I'm very unsure and nervous about that. I'll see if I have the gumption to try it out before settling on the same look.

Twisted fringe

And to go along with that, is a video on how to do the twisted fringe.

I don't twist as much as I have read you should on my 'research' on fringing, but it is enough to give me the look I have. I hope you find it useful.

The Nelson Mandela bracelet is still on the loom. I'll have to study the closure I have to use once again. Best now than to wait till its needed and start panicking! The issue that is holding me back is the fact I don't know what size is needed. I'll try asking again. If I hear nothing back, I will think about taking it off the loom to make way for something else. and my next video will be a result of this :) I hope it's not been done before...*starts searching*

I have several projects that I want to work on. The camera strap for someone, the strap for this purse and another that has been languishing in the drawers for a while, and two portraits. One for my Husband and the other to match one I did a long while ago - my first one. And, a belt. While in the shop buying more of the Swarovski crystals I need for the fringe, I spotted this little thing.

I have a black dress that would do nicely with a belt. Probably white as the trim around the arm is white. But of course that would be too plain so perhaps white with a design in black. I wanted to try looming with seed beads, but don't have decent black ones. I'll seep what to do when get round to it.

For now, I have to start seriously planning for the portrait that as commissioned a few weeks ago. I did a rough draft, but have to sit down and look at the colours before I can proceed. I think start time will be next month.

With that, I must be off. Thanks for reading and have a good afternoon/evening/night.