2 June 2012

Onto a good thing!

The Mirrix had not been posted yet, so I suggested going to collect it from the affiliated London shop - The Hand Weavers Studio! David handed me my loom, and showed me a 12" with a tapestry in progress. He also introduced me to the owner, Wendy, who wished me well and offered to link to my blog on their Facebook page.

The first thing I like is that the loom comes already assembled. All you need to add is the warping bar and spring bar, and the shedding device if you are using it (after you warp the loom). There are printed instructions that come with the loom. You can also find PDFs on the Mirrix site with pictures of warping step by step, for each setup - bead weaving with/without the shedding device, and tapestry weaving.

Armed with these two, I warped for my first looming - a bracelet. It was not as difficult as I (for some reason) expected. Once I remembered which way to go round the warp bar and the bottom/top ends, it went quickly. The only issue I had (on my part because I'm spoilt!) was counting the warps. On my other looms, I marked the threaded rod in groups of 10 so I have to do minimal counting. I think I'll find a way to do the same with this.

I usually loom standing up, even with small pieces such as bracelets. The looms I have also need propping up, even when I, standing, so I don't strain myself leaning over etc. This loom has legs!! It is a great thing because it stands on its' own without the need for additional 'equipment' to prop it up. That's a big box ticked for me. I actually tried it sitting. It was ok, but I still prefer to stand. I believe I work faster that way.

Anyway with all that rambling, here is what I managed to loom yesterday. It was a late finish but worth it :)