31 March 2012

Such a long time...

Since my last blog post. I was so sure it wasn't that bad! Anyway, as seems the norm, it's been 99% bead looming. I started a colour portrait sometime back, and it's going well. I've just one face to sort out then I can finish it off. It would be ideal if I could finish it in the next two weeks, but realistically don't think I'll manage it.

I can only show you that much, as I need to respect the wishes of the people in the portrait - they don't want their pictures splashed all over the internet.

The second project has been photo bracelets of newborns. This is the second one in the set

I had almost completed the first one, but they ended up wanting it as above so will have to redo it. But this was a good way to try out the technique on photos anyway :)

This (purse) has been on my loom for a long time now. I work on it intermittently, putting it away when I have something more urgent to work on. I pulled it out a few weeks ago, and managed to finish the main part of it, this photo on the front. In case you can't make it out very well, it's a mother holding her newborn babie's hand. It's so sweet, and was perfect for what I wanted to do.

This will go to a very good friend of my brothers'. I hope she really likes it. It's still a way off being finished, but I will get there eventually.

Last but not least, a non-looming project! I had a request for some hair combs. I kept them simple but they went down a treat. I'll definitely have to make myself some more when I get a chance :)

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