15 December 2011

A little looming and relaxation

I started another bracelet after the B&W one but it kind of stalled. It's still on the loom, waiting to be edged then I can cut it off. I kind of lost the verve to work on it so have left it for now. But I do really have to finish it sometime in the next week!

Today I did some work on another photo purse. I had planned to work on the portrait in the evening but I can't find the beads!!! My Husband did a bit of tidying yesterday and now I can't find my (stash of) beads! I've got one place to look before I really start despairing - there were more than 10 colours in the collection, plus some (bent but still usable) needles.

Anyway, here is what I've done so far on the second photo purse.

I'm off in search of the beads. Here's hoping I find them! Have a good evening.