29 November 2011

Christmas presents

I FINALLY made a start on the Christmas presents. Here is the first.

I was unhappy with it as I worked on it, and finished it. But it has grown on me. Hopefully the recipient likes it too :)

I'm off for lunch and then to design another Christmas present! Have a great afternoon.

Giveaway on Facebook

This is just to let you know (a little late) that if you happen to be on Facebook, I'm having a giveaway. The closing date for entries is tomorrow 23:59 GMT time. There should be a link but here is the URL nonetheless.

Brenda K on Facebook

To enter your name you have to like the page first, then leave a comment on the fourth post from the top.

Have a great day!

19 November 2011

All done and waiting to be 'displayed'

YAY, I finished the photo purse! I worked on the strap from Thursday - after figuring out how to attach it - and also secured the fringe yesterday. The late night was well worth it :)

Now onto bigger things - literally speaking! :)

4 November 2011

Fringe completed

I started on the fringe the other day, and managed to finish it last night. The 'second round' was quicker once I found my rhythm. I went for the double fringe after some suggestions, and finding that the single would have been too sparse!

I'm so happy with it. Unfortunately I can't photograph the movement of the fringe, but I like running my fingers over it and seeing it settle back into place!

Next is the strap. I have an idea how I want to make it. I'm just hesitant as the method I've chosen is slow going. I want to start using this soon so I have to be decisive! The next photo will be the purse all finished.

Thanks for stopping by and reading :)

1 November 2011

UFO one of...many!

I finished stitching this necklace a long time ago but didn't have the right clasp for it. Well, I found it today on an old necklace and quickly went with the urge to complete it.

I want to try and start on the fringe of my photo purse today/this evening. If I'm too tired to work on that then I'll work on another UFO!

Happy beading and reading :)