4 October 2011

Thank you and more

I would like to open this post by thanking anyone who has started following me on Facebook. I really appreciate it, and it means probably more than you can imagine. I've only just started so there isn't much there to see at the moment. When I get some time I will update all the info and post some pictures of past projects. Sorry to anyone who will be seeing them twice or more!

On another note, I made a start on a COLOUR portrait, Yes, you read that correctly! To check if the colours work, I did a sample of one of the faces. OH MY GOSH!!, The excitement has started, and the fear has abated, albeit only slightly! I'll be tweaking it and making a start on the real thing over the next few days. Since there is a large number of rows before I get to the faces, I'll have something to keep me occupied while I finalise the faces. I plan to do a sample of the other two faces so everything is set before I get to them.

Unfortunately I may only be able to post pictures of the background on this colour portrait as one of it's...'members' doesn't like having their face plastered all over the internet. I'm sorry to whet your appetites then leave you drooling but I have to respect their rights.

Time for bed, tomorrow is a work day so an early start. I'll keep you posted as I work on the portrait. Till next time!

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