18 October 2011

Joining of the photo purse and update

I finished joining the two sides of the purse today. The second join went much faster then the first one. It's a pretty seamless look which is what I wanted to achieve. You can tell me if it's good or not :)

This shows the two sides of the purse.

This shows each of the seams joining the two sides.

Just another view of the joined purse, with (what will be) the bottom on the right side.

Next I have to think about joining the bottom, fringing and creating a strap. I have an idea of what I want to do in the fringe. The next photo I think will be when it's all finished and ready to be used.

On another note, I added another portrait to my list of loomings to do! A lady at an art gallery wants to see my works, and one of them will be a portrait of her. I'll probably make it a small one. I also have to do some 'arty' (loomed) pictures. I'm still trying to decide what is considered 'arty' so any help is welcome.

If I go quiet you'll know I am being kept busy, but I will try and post photos of my progress on the several projects I have to work on.

Thank you for taking the time to read my posts :)

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