11 September 2011

Something old

I completed these two some days ago but only got a decent picture the other night.

This has been sitting in a drawer waiting for the edging to be completed, and the clasp to be attached. The gunmetal and matte black give the pattern an illusion. You can't see it in this photo unfortunately

This is a different colour version of the Squares design that I did earlier in the year. The edging was also changed from firepolished beads to Swarovski 4mm bicones. I love the overall effect.

I've got two projects to get on the loom. One is too large for my current loom so I have to wait on the extension I ordered. I'll post pictures of it as I go. The other - the portrait - is waiting for the rest of the beads to arrive then I can do a sample and make a start. I don't know if I'll be able to post any WIP pictures so I'll update you verbally rather than visually.

Here's to a productive week ahead :)