4 September 2011

A New Palette

I attended a Bead Fair in Sunbury on Thames today. And, despite all those tiny delicas staring at me and imploring me to buy them, I resisted and stuck to my plan. I have a pending COLOUR portrait. Yes, a colour portrait!! I'm worried about getting it wrong as I've yet to work in colour. This will be a steep learning curve, one which I'll enjoy...sort of! :)

That is the palette I'm hoping to work with. The plan is to do a sample of one face first to see how it looks. If it's ok then I will start on the real deal. This means the purse (second side) may have to be put on hold for a while...unless I can somehow balance well and work on both equally.

I'll put up photos of parts of the portrait, as I can't really share all of it. So check in over the next month or so to monitor my progress!

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