30 September 2011

Beautify your hair

I had a wedding to go to about just over a week ago, and had to decide quickly on my accessories. Earrings were a given, then I thought perhaps a bracelet and rivoli ring. In the end I went for something to wear in my hair, using rivolis for the added sparkle. The idea I had in mind needed to be bead embroidered but I had never bead embroidered with rivolis. After some very helpful advise from two friends on FB, I managed to make this!

I made some mistakes when spacing the rivolis and attaching the hair clip. I'll know what to do next time. I also didn't find it difficult without the use of glue so I think it can be done either way.

The earrings were just something simple but I think they looked good as well.

The ensemble looked good, and the mistakes were hidden. But the next one will be much better and neater!

Thank you for looking and enjoy the rest of your beautiful day :)

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