30 September 2011

Beautify your hair

I had a wedding to go to about just over a week ago, and had to decide quickly on my accessories. Earrings were a given, then I thought perhaps a bracelet and rivoli ring. In the end I went for something to wear in my hair, using rivolis for the added sparkle. The idea I had in mind needed to be bead embroidered but I had never bead embroidered with rivolis. After some very helpful advise from two friends on FB, I managed to make this!

I made some mistakes when spacing the rivolis and attaching the hair clip. I'll know what to do next time. I also didn't find it difficult without the use of glue so I think it can be done either way.

The earrings were just something simple but I think they looked good as well.

The ensemble looked good, and the mistakes were hidden. But the next one will be much better and neater!

Thank you for looking and enjoy the rest of your beautiful day :)

11 September 2011

Something old

I completed these two some days ago but only got a decent picture the other night.

This has been sitting in a drawer waiting for the edging to be completed, and the clasp to be attached. The gunmetal and matte black give the pattern an illusion. You can't see it in this photo unfortunately

This is a different colour version of the Squares design that I did earlier in the year. The edging was also changed from firepolished beads to Swarovski 4mm bicones. I love the overall effect.

I've got two projects to get on the loom. One is too large for my current loom so I have to wait on the extension I ordered. I'll post pictures of it as I go. The other - the portrait - is waiting for the rest of the beads to arrive then I can do a sample and make a start. I don't know if I'll be able to post any WIP pictures so I'll update you verbally rather than visually.

Here's to a productive week ahead :)

4 September 2011

A New Palette

I attended a Bead Fair in Sunbury on Thames today. And, despite all those tiny delicas staring at me and imploring me to buy them, I resisted and stuck to my plan. I have a pending COLOUR portrait. Yes, a colour portrait!! I'm worried about getting it wrong as I've yet to work in colour. This will be a steep learning curve, one which I'll enjoy...sort of! :)

That is the palette I'm hoping to work with. The plan is to do a sample of one face first to see how it looks. If it's ok then I will start on the real deal. This means the purse (second side) may have to be put on hold for a while...unless I can somehow balance well and work on both equally.

I'll put up photos of parts of the portrait, as I can't really share all of it. So check in over the next month or so to monitor my progress!

2 September 2011

More progress made

I started on the second side of the photo purse yesterday and have gotten to the part that excites me most - THE EYES! I'm not entirely happy with the left eye on the right hand face, so I may undo some lines and correct that before I move on!

I'm now taking a rest to try and work on getting the colours for a portrait finalised. There is a bead fair on Sunday so I want to do the pattern then go check them out in person, and buy if they will work.

Thank you for looking, keep checking back for the back of the purse being cut off the loom!