8 August 2011

WIP on my new 'baby'

I was blessed to receive a BEAUTIFUL gift from Erin Simonetti recently. I was so touched by this that I even wanted to wake up and just look at it. What is this gift I'm harping on about? A Loom!! If you're not into looming, just imagine getting a shiny new toy to use with your beadwork or other hobby. That's the feeling I had/still have.

After much faffing and time spent trying to decide on a project to 'break it in' (including warping the loom and starting something and cutting it off), I ended up designing a purse that will have photos of my family on it - myself, my Husband and our two children.

This is what I have managed to do so far.

They're not appearing in the photo but I also loomed in our names and our wedding date. The children's names, as well as all our birthdays, will also be loomed in. The birthdays will be hidden in the bottom :)

I was forced to take a break when I developed discomfort/pain in my thumb and surrounding areas. But I am hoping to get back to it this week.

I would love to finish this by the end of the month but whether I can (or do) is another matter. I hope to see you back here checking on my progress. I'm excited (read desperate) to see it all completed!