16 July 2011

This has kept me busy

It's been a while since I posted anything but I have good reason. My mum saw the portrait I made and wanted one. So I worked on that, and to a tight deadline as I relaxed too much then decided to undo quite a lot.

Anyway here is version two of the 3 Heads portrait.

I loomed up to the chin of the middle face then decided I really wasn't happy with it! SO I undid back up above the eyes and redid it all. Yes, it seems a lot of work but I was much happier with the outcome. I also tried Douglas W Johnson's method of working in sections, with a little modification. I quite liked it though it was a bit fiddly. I can see when it would have its' uses.

I finished that last Saturday, and promised myself a break...Well the break lasted till yesterday, and this is what came out of it. A definite keeper!

This is finished with a ribbon clasp (silver plated). Since I didn't have any chain to go with it, I used jump rings instead. Here is the photo that I took the 'snippet' from.

That's all for now. Have a good afternoon and thank you for stopping by.

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