16 March 2011

The excitement....

It's been a while since I posted but I haven't been on any hiatus. Today I started a bigger project.

To try out my homemade loom, I made a smaller version of my dad for my mum. It worked beautifully and I love it, possibly more than the one I bought and was frequently using! Maybe because my Husband had a hand in making it...:D

Anyway!, this project I'm looming now is 174 beads wide. That's the widest I've ever worked but it's actually ok :)

The last lot of beads arrived this morning but I haven't done much. The first 18 rows were one colour but I'm now onto the varied colour sections! You won't see much but here's a picture anyway :)

I'll post a few more as I go along but will stop at some point unless I have permission from the recipient to post any more.

Till next time, sweet dreams!

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