24 March 2011

Almost there!!

I've done much more since I last blogged. I was mean't to post last night but by the time I got to bed, I was so tired I nodded off while still writing it :D

So here it is. Not quite yet in it's full glory but almost. The faces are complete so you can get a good idea how it will look when all done.

I'm not entirely happy with the face in the middle but......I can't undo all that :D I'll know what not to do next time so it's helped me learn :)

The next picture I post it will be finished and all framed. Hopefully the recipient really likes it, so far so good!

Good night and wishing you a beautiful day tomorrow.

21 March 2011

More undoing than doing!

As the title suggests, I spent more time undoing than doing any looming today! I did around 5 lines yesterday, but I wasn't happy with the eyes and the edges were a bit wonky!. So, I undid some lines and swapped out just 2-3 beads in the entire row! You may think it's pointless but I'm (somewhat) happier now.

I then went on to loom around 4 rows today, only to realise I hadn't swapped out the colour in previous rows. So I had to undo 3 lines and redo them again! By that time it was late so decided I'd just leave it well alone. So here are all eyes on me.

Thank you for looking and have a great night and beautiful day tomorrow :)

19 March 2011


This one is a bit slow going but I'm really enjoying seeing it unfold! I managed to do some more and I'm close to the eye area now. Once the eyes are in and looking good, I'll be even happier!

Enjoy your day!

16 March 2011

The excitement....

It's been a while since I posted but I haven't been on any hiatus. Today I started a bigger project.

To try out my homemade loom, I made a smaller version of my dad for my mum. It worked beautifully and I love it, possibly more than the one I bought and was frequently using! Maybe because my Husband had a hand in making it...:D

Anyway!, this project I'm looming now is 174 beads wide. That's the widest I've ever worked but it's actually ok :)

The last lot of beads arrived this morning but I haven't done much. The first 18 rows were one colour but I'm now onto the varied colour sections! You won't see much but here's a picture anyway :)

I'll post a few more as I go along but will stop at some point unless I have permission from the recipient to post any more.

Till next time, sweet dreams!