12 February 2011

Onto the last step

I finished joining the sections on Thursday night. It's not to the standard I want but I think it has turned out well nonetheless. I can learn from this when I come to do the next piece.

All that's left to do now is to frame it. I went out on Friday to pick up the bits I need - frame, non reflective glass, backboard, mounting.

I also bought glazier points to hold everything in at the back, but the layers are too thick put together. I saw something I can use as an alternative, I'll have a proper look when I go back.

Hopefully I can start attaching the picture to the mounting board this evening - while I watch tv! Next will be assembling it all. I've figured out how I'll keep the picture in place - if I just lay it on top of the mounting it is likely to move around. So I'll fix it to the backboard, after repeated measuring of course!!

I'll post a picture of it once all that is done and the recipient has it in hand. I can't wait to see it all framed, the glimpse I got on friday while getting the bits and bobs made me happy!

Happy beading and good evening :)

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