19 February 2011

Here it is :D

I FINALLY have time to post a photo of the picture I loomed! I went to the shops on Friday to search for another loom as the one I had initially bought wasn't deep enough to hold everything in well. I went with my Mr and had some help from a lovely lady as well. In the end we settled on a black one - it worked best to contrast the picture.

Anyway enough rumbling, here it is!!!!

I also have a NEW homemade loom :D My brother in law and Mr were kind enough to spare some time and managed to finish it in two days. The BIL sawed yesterday, then they did all the measuring together with the Mr. Then today the Mr drilled the holes for the threaded rod and put it all together. I can't stop smiling when I think about it!! :)))

I'm off to warp it and give it a run for its' money :D Have a good night!

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