19 February 2011

Here it is :D

I FINALLY have time to post a photo of the picture I loomed! I went to the shops on Friday to search for another loom as the one I had initially bought wasn't deep enough to hold everything in well. I went with my Mr and had some help from a lovely lady as well. In the end we settled on a black one - it worked best to contrast the picture.

Anyway enough rumbling, here it is!!!!

I also have a NEW homemade loom :D My brother in law and Mr were kind enough to spare some time and managed to finish it in two days. The BIL sawed yesterday, then they did all the measuring together with the Mr. Then today the Mr drilled the holes for the threaded rod and put it all together. I can't stop smiling when I think about it!! :)))

I'm off to warp it and give it a run for its' money :D Have a good night!

17 February 2011

Easier than expected

I've finished attaching the loomed picture to the mounting board!! It was certainly easier and quicker than I expected. I could have done it a few days ago but the idea was very daunting so I put it off!! I had a late start, and I'm working tomorrow, but decided to stick it out....or rather I wanted to finish, so I went way past my bedtime!

Now I've done it, I don't know what I was worried about. The only thing left now is to put the frame bits all together. I just need to get one more thing and it will be finished in a matter of minutes.

Hopefully I can post a picture of the completed 'work' at the weekend, once I've handed it over :)

Till then have a good night and day tomorrow.

12 February 2011

Onto the last step

I finished joining the sections on Thursday night. It's not to the standard I want but I think it has turned out well nonetheless. I can learn from this when I come to do the next piece.

All that's left to do now is to frame it. I went out on Friday to pick up the bits I need - frame, non reflective glass, backboard, mounting.

I also bought glazier points to hold everything in at the back, but the layers are too thick put together. I saw something I can use as an alternative, I'll have a proper look when I go back.

Hopefully I can start attaching the picture to the mounting board this evening - while I watch tv! Next will be assembling it all. I've figured out how I'll keep the picture in place - if I just lay it on top of the mounting it is likely to move around. So I'll fix it to the backboard, after repeated measuring of course!!

I'll post a picture of it once all that is done and the recipient has it in hand. I can't wait to see it all framed, the glimpse I got on friday while getting the bits and bobs made me happy!

Happy beading and good evening :)

9 February 2011

The anticipation is too much

I was supposed to take a break from beading today but.....what I'm working on wouldn't let me rest! :D

So I've started joining the two sections. I'm a short way off half way. Next will be looking at frames to see which one will suit it best. That Might be at the weekend, tomorrow is work.

Enjoy your day :)

The end is nigh!

I'm almost there :) I cut the second half off the loom, but I'll only show you a sneak pic of it.

The left section really disappointed me and left me despairing. But THIS has managed to make me smile very widely inside! - I'm too tired to show the excitement and RELIEF externally....

The next picture I post will be of it all done i.e. framing etc. I'm undecided as to whether I'll try framing it myself or have it done. I'll see as the time comes.

In the meantime sleep beckons. I'll decide tomorrow whether I join the sections or leave it till Friday. Depends on a few things.

Till next time, sweet dreams :)

8 February 2011

Almost halfway!

I'm speeding through the second half if the portrait I'm working on at the moment. I mistakenly repeated a section, so I have to undo 4 lines. Luckily the lines I'm undoing are on the new thread!

I'm going to set myself up in front of the tv. Hopefully I can get in 1.5hrs before I have to head to bed. I'll post a picture perhaps tomorrow, depending on how much I've gotten done.

Till then happy beading and goodnight :)

6 February 2011

Not quite

I finished the first half of the 'portrait' yesterday but it hasn't cone out quite as I wanted it. Why?...it's too dark in the crucial areas - mainly the eye but also the nose and mouth definition. I've been asked to finish it as they can see the resemblance.....but I'm not happy so will do another trying to match the colours in the pattern I generated.

For what it's worth, here is a photo of the first half:

I can just about make out the eye but it's not to my satisfaction! This is a good way to learn how colours look and interact when next to each other.

I'll post a picture of the second half when it's finished. After that it will be the framed picture you'll see :)

Have a good evening & night!

4 February 2011

I couldn't wait....

To start on my latest project - a loomed portrait, albeit a small one!

The beads arrived yesterday morning but I couldn't check them out till I got home from work.

After a bit of a hassle with the frame loom, and a sample yesterday, I decided to loom the picture in two sections and join them. I don't really have time to sort out the frame loom as I need to be getting on with this.

I'm enjoying looming again. Hopefully the ideas will start flowing again :)

I'll post a WIP picture when the section I've worked is more substantial. That may be the only one till it's finished. I'll make up my mind as I go along :)

Have a lovely afternoon!