15 December 2011

A little looming and relaxation

I started another bracelet after the B&W one but it kind of stalled. It's still on the loom, waiting to be edged then I can cut it off. I kind of lost the verve to work on it so have left it for now. But I do really have to finish it sometime in the next week!

Today I did some work on another photo purse. I had planned to work on the portrait in the evening but I can't find the beads!!! My Husband did a bit of tidying yesterday and now I can't find my (stash of) beads! I've got one place to look before I really start despairing - there were more than 10 colours in the collection, plus some (bent but still usable) needles.

Anyway, here is what I've done so far on the second photo purse.

I'm off in search of the beads. Here's hoping I find them! Have a good evening.

29 November 2011

Christmas presents

I FINALLY made a start on the Christmas presents. Here is the first.

I was unhappy with it as I worked on it, and finished it. But it has grown on me. Hopefully the recipient likes it too :)

I'm off for lunch and then to design another Christmas present! Have a great afternoon.

Giveaway on Facebook

This is just to let you know (a little late) that if you happen to be on Facebook, I'm having a giveaway. The closing date for entries is tomorrow 23:59 GMT time. There should be a link but here is the URL nonetheless.

Brenda K on Facebook

To enter your name you have to like the page first, then leave a comment on the fourth post from the top.

Have a great day!

19 November 2011

All done and waiting to be 'displayed'

YAY, I finished the photo purse! I worked on the strap from Thursday - after figuring out how to attach it - and also secured the fringe yesterday. The late night was well worth it :)

Now onto bigger things - literally speaking! :)

4 November 2011

Fringe completed

I started on the fringe the other day, and managed to finish it last night. The 'second round' was quicker once I found my rhythm. I went for the double fringe after some suggestions, and finding that the single would have been too sparse!

I'm so happy with it. Unfortunately I can't photograph the movement of the fringe, but I like running my fingers over it and seeing it settle back into place!

Next is the strap. I have an idea how I want to make it. I'm just hesitant as the method I've chosen is slow going. I want to start using this soon so I have to be decisive! The next photo will be the purse all finished.

Thanks for stopping by and reading :)

1 November 2011

UFO one of...many!

I finished stitching this necklace a long time ago but didn't have the right clasp for it. Well, I found it today on an old necklace and quickly went with the urge to complete it.

I want to try and start on the fringe of my photo purse today/this evening. If I'm too tired to work on that then I'll work on another UFO!

Happy beading and reading :)

28 October 2011

Swap cuff

I'm signed up for (and also running!) a swap on a Facebook group I'm a member of. I finished looming the main part several days ago but then lost the mojo a little after finishing one of the extensions. Yesterday I finally mustered up the energy to stitch the second extension (much quicker than the first), and tonight I finished it, clasp and all.

I rather like it myself but won't make myself one as I don't think I would wear it! It will be going to it's new home mid next month. Hopefully whoever receives it will like it!!

Tomorrow I have to warp the large loom for the colour portrait, and also have to order some beads for a photo cuff. I'll post what is allowed as I work on more things. If I'm quiet it's because I have a lot on my plate at the moment, but I will try and keep posting something worthwhile.

18 October 2011

Joining of the photo purse and update

I finished joining the two sides of the purse today. The second join went much faster then the first one. It's a pretty seamless look which is what I wanted to achieve. You can tell me if it's good or not :)

This shows the two sides of the purse.

This shows each of the seams joining the two sides.

Just another view of the joined purse, with (what will be) the bottom on the right side.

Next I have to think about joining the bottom, fringing and creating a strap. I have an idea of what I want to do in the fringe. The next photo I think will be when it's all finished and ready to be used.

On another note, I added another portrait to my list of loomings to do! A lady at an art gallery wants to see my works, and one of them will be a portrait of her. I'll probably make it a small one. I also have to do some 'arty' (loomed) pictures. I'm still trying to decide what is considered 'arty' so any help is welcome.

If I go quiet you'll know I am being kept busy, but I will try and post photos of my progress on the several projects I have to work on.

Thank you for taking the time to read my posts :)

7 October 2011

And Cut (again!)

I managed to push through my tiredness yesterday and work more on the back for my photo purse. I became so energised I decided to finish it however long it took. I probably worked past midnight, and I'm feeling it now! Without more preamble, here it is :)

I'm hoping to work on finishing off the warps and joining the sections this evening. The next photo will be with it in one piece and awaiting the fringe.

I'm off now to think and have a rest while watching some tv...Hmmm :)

4 October 2011

Thank you and more

I would like to open this post by thanking anyone who has started following me on Facebook. I really appreciate it, and it means probably more than you can imagine. I've only just started so there isn't much there to see at the moment. When I get some time I will update all the info and post some pictures of past projects. Sorry to anyone who will be seeing them twice or more!

On another note, I made a start on a COLOUR portrait, Yes, you read that correctly! To check if the colours work, I did a sample of one of the faces. OH MY GOSH!!, The excitement has started, and the fear has abated, albeit only slightly! I'll be tweaking it and making a start on the real thing over the next few days. Since there is a large number of rows before I get to the faces, I'll have something to keep me occupied while I finalise the faces. I plan to do a sample of the other two faces so everything is set before I get to them.

Unfortunately I may only be able to post pictures of the background on this colour portrait as one of it's...'members' doesn't like having their face plastered all over the internet. I'm sorry to whet your appetites then leave you drooling but I have to respect their rights.

Time for bed, tomorrow is a work day so an early start. I'll keep you posted as I work on the portrait. Till next time!

30 September 2011

Beautify your hair

I had a wedding to go to about just over a week ago, and had to decide quickly on my accessories. Earrings were a given, then I thought perhaps a bracelet and rivoli ring. In the end I went for something to wear in my hair, using rivolis for the added sparkle. The idea I had in mind needed to be bead embroidered but I had never bead embroidered with rivolis. After some very helpful advise from two friends on FB, I managed to make this!

I made some mistakes when spacing the rivolis and attaching the hair clip. I'll know what to do next time. I also didn't find it difficult without the use of glue so I think it can be done either way.

The earrings were just something simple but I think they looked good as well.

The ensemble looked good, and the mistakes were hidden. But the next one will be much better and neater!

Thank you for looking and enjoy the rest of your beautiful day :)

11 September 2011

Something old

I completed these two some days ago but only got a decent picture the other night.

This has been sitting in a drawer waiting for the edging to be completed, and the clasp to be attached. The gunmetal and matte black give the pattern an illusion. You can't see it in this photo unfortunately

This is a different colour version of the Squares design that I did earlier in the year. The edging was also changed from firepolished beads to Swarovski 4mm bicones. I love the overall effect.

I've got two projects to get on the loom. One is too large for my current loom so I have to wait on the extension I ordered. I'll post pictures of it as I go. The other - the portrait - is waiting for the rest of the beads to arrive then I can do a sample and make a start. I don't know if I'll be able to post any WIP pictures so I'll update you verbally rather than visually.

Here's to a productive week ahead :)

4 September 2011

A New Palette

I attended a Bead Fair in Sunbury on Thames today. And, despite all those tiny delicas staring at me and imploring me to buy them, I resisted and stuck to my plan. I have a pending COLOUR portrait. Yes, a colour portrait!! I'm worried about getting it wrong as I've yet to work in colour. This will be a steep learning curve, one which I'll enjoy...sort of! :)

That is the palette I'm hoping to work with. The plan is to do a sample of one face first to see how it looks. If it's ok then I will start on the real deal. This means the purse (second side) may have to be put on hold for a while...unless I can somehow balance well and work on both equally.

I'll put up photos of parts of the portrait, as I can't really share all of it. So check in over the next month or so to monitor my progress!

2 September 2011

More progress made

I started on the second side of the photo purse yesterday and have gotten to the part that excites me most - THE EYES! I'm not entirely happy with the left eye on the right hand face, so I may undo some lines and correct that before I move on!

I'm now taking a rest to try and work on getting the colours for a portrait finalised. There is a bead fair on Sunday so I want to do the pattern then go check them out in person, and buy if they will work.

Thank you for looking, keep checking back for the back of the purse being cut off the loom!

18 August 2011

First side done (ish)

As mentioned before, I started work on a photo purse. Today I finally managed to get more done, and was able to finish looming one side as well as cut it off the loom.

The other side needs tweaking as I'm not happy with the photo of my daughter. Hopefully I can get on with it within the next week or so.

Thanks for looking :)

8 August 2011

WIP on my new 'baby'

I was blessed to receive a BEAUTIFUL gift from Erin Simonetti recently. I was so touched by this that I even wanted to wake up and just look at it. What is this gift I'm harping on about? A Loom!! If you're not into looming, just imagine getting a shiny new toy to use with your beadwork or other hobby. That's the feeling I had/still have.

After much faffing and time spent trying to decide on a project to 'break it in' (including warping the loom and starting something and cutting it off), I ended up designing a purse that will have photos of my family on it - myself, my Husband and our two children.

This is what I have managed to do so far.

They're not appearing in the photo but I also loomed in our names and our wedding date. The children's names, as well as all our birthdays, will also be loomed in. The birthdays will be hidden in the bottom :)

I was forced to take a break when I developed discomfort/pain in my thumb and surrounding areas. But I am hoping to get back to it this week.

I would love to finish this by the end of the month but whether I can (or do) is another matter. I hope to see you back here checking on my progress. I'm excited (read desperate) to see it all completed!

28 July 2011

Trying a new method

I recently tried out a new method of finishing bracelets in the last two weeks - using a ribbon clasp rather than a tube clasp with a bar. I'm really loving this as it's so easy and quick. I made the first last week, and liked it so much I did another this week!

The first is a 'photo bracelet' of my Husband. It came out too big so became a bookmark :)

The second is rainbow-inspired and now belongs to my sister. The first aim was to use what I already have to hand. The second was to see if it would work to use beads with a different finish. Luckily enough I had groups of beads with the same finish, and I seem to have pulled it off!.

I used jump rings in place of a chain and the end, and each has some Swarovski crystals dangling at the end of the jump rings.

Thank you for stopping by and hope you enjoy what you see.

16 July 2011

This has kept me busy

It's been a while since I posted anything but I have good reason. My mum saw the portrait I made and wanted one. So I worked on that, and to a tight deadline as I relaxed too much then decided to undo quite a lot.

Anyway here is version two of the 3 Heads portrait.

I loomed up to the chin of the middle face then decided I really wasn't happy with it! SO I undid back up above the eyes and redid it all. Yes, it seems a lot of work but I was much happier with the outcome. I also tried Douglas W Johnson's method of working in sections, with a little modification. I quite liked it though it was a bit fiddly. I can see when it would have its' uses.

I finished that last Saturday, and promised myself a break...Well the break lasted till yesterday, and this is what came out of it. A definite keeper!

This is finished with a ribbon clasp (silver plated). Since I didn't have any chain to go with it, I used jump rings instead. Here is the photo that I took the 'snippet' from.

That's all for now. Have a good afternoon and thank you for stopping by.

21 May 2011

Just a little

Well, that resistance didn't last very long :) I've caved in, so here is a small snippet of what I'm working on at the moment.

I'm almost three quarters of the way through looming this. IF (a big IF) I have enough time to work on it more, I may be able to cut it off the loom on Sunday night and finish it perhaps by....Wednesday or Thursday.

I'll post a picture of the completed 'work' as soon as I am done. Till then have a goodnight and sweet dreams :)

18 May 2011

Back to beading once again

I've been on somewhat of a break since I made that set for Easter. But, I am working on something now. Just that I don't want to post a photo here in case the recipient sees it. So, unfortunately I'll have to hold off till it's finished and they've received it.

I also have to buy the beads for the portrait and start on that as soon as I have modified the homemade loom.

Happy beading and a good evening to you all :)

25 April 2011

Some off-loom work

I whipped these up on Friday/Saturday and wore them yesterday :) I don't really wear jewellery so I don't know when I'll be wearing these again! Nonetheless I WILL keep them...who am I trying to convince I wonder lol. Anyway enough rambling, here you go.

13 April 2011

It's finished!

I managed to finish - i.e. frame - the portrait this morning. I went out yesterday to get some felt. While there I looked through the mounts and was lucky enough to find one of the right size!! I came home a happy woman with all the bits I needed. I stayed up late last night getting the loomwork ready for framing.

Unfortunately I finished late and couldn't do the necessary hammering. So first thing this morning (after getting the kids fed and dressed) I finally framed it!! I'm pretty happy with it though can see something I will modify next time I make something similar.

So now the loom is empty, but I have another portrait I need to be getting on with...I will once I buy the beads :) For now I think I will enjoy relaxation for a few days and order the beads then start when they come through.

Enjoy the rest of your day :)

11 April 2011

The end is in sight!

You're probably wondering why this portrait isn't framed yet. Well, first I lost the verve to work on it for the simple fact that the exciting bit was over - looming the faces! I was back to working (monotonously) with one colour. 22+ rows to be precise!

Anyway, today I managed to add my signature to the bottom right corner, and cut it off the loom. I'll need to add some 6-7 columns on either edge just so there is more space between the heads on the edge and the mount when applied. Otherwise, if that doesn't take long I should be able to finish and frame it in the next two weeks. I'll be trying another way of dealing with the warp ends, one that doesn't involve glue...If it works I'll be using that method in future.

For now, happy reading and goodnight!

24 March 2011

Almost there!!

I've done much more since I last blogged. I was mean't to post last night but by the time I got to bed, I was so tired I nodded off while still writing it :D

So here it is. Not quite yet in it's full glory but almost. The faces are complete so you can get a good idea how it will look when all done.

I'm not entirely happy with the face in the middle but......I can't undo all that :D I'll know what not to do next time so it's helped me learn :)

The next picture I post it will be finished and all framed. Hopefully the recipient really likes it, so far so good!

Good night and wishing you a beautiful day tomorrow.

21 March 2011

More undoing than doing!

As the title suggests, I spent more time undoing than doing any looming today! I did around 5 lines yesterday, but I wasn't happy with the eyes and the edges were a bit wonky!. So, I undid some lines and swapped out just 2-3 beads in the entire row! You may think it's pointless but I'm (somewhat) happier now.

I then went on to loom around 4 rows today, only to realise I hadn't swapped out the colour in previous rows. So I had to undo 3 lines and redo them again! By that time it was late so decided I'd just leave it well alone. So here are all eyes on me.

Thank you for looking and have a great night and beautiful day tomorrow :)

19 March 2011


This one is a bit slow going but I'm really enjoying seeing it unfold! I managed to do some more and I'm close to the eye area now. Once the eyes are in and looking good, I'll be even happier!

Enjoy your day!

16 March 2011

The excitement....

It's been a while since I posted but I haven't been on any hiatus. Today I started a bigger project.

To try out my homemade loom, I made a smaller version of my dad for my mum. It worked beautifully and I love it, possibly more than the one I bought and was frequently using! Maybe because my Husband had a hand in making it...:D

Anyway!, this project I'm looming now is 174 beads wide. That's the widest I've ever worked but it's actually ok :)

The last lot of beads arrived this morning but I haven't done much. The first 18 rows were one colour but I'm now onto the varied colour sections! You won't see much but here's a picture anyway :)

I'll post a few more as I go along but will stop at some point unless I have permission from the recipient to post any more.

Till next time, sweet dreams!

19 February 2011

Here it is :D

I FINALLY have time to post a photo of the picture I loomed! I went to the shops on Friday to search for another loom as the one I had initially bought wasn't deep enough to hold everything in well. I went with my Mr and had some help from a lovely lady as well. In the end we settled on a black one - it worked best to contrast the picture.

Anyway enough rumbling, here it is!!!!

I also have a NEW homemade loom :D My brother in law and Mr were kind enough to spare some time and managed to finish it in two days. The BIL sawed yesterday, then they did all the measuring together with the Mr. Then today the Mr drilled the holes for the threaded rod and put it all together. I can't stop smiling when I think about it!! :)))

I'm off to warp it and give it a run for its' money :D Have a good night!

17 February 2011

Easier than expected

I've finished attaching the loomed picture to the mounting board!! It was certainly easier and quicker than I expected. I could have done it a few days ago but the idea was very daunting so I put it off!! I had a late start, and I'm working tomorrow, but decided to stick it out....or rather I wanted to finish, so I went way past my bedtime!

Now I've done it, I don't know what I was worried about. The only thing left now is to put the frame bits all together. I just need to get one more thing and it will be finished in a matter of minutes.

Hopefully I can post a picture of the completed 'work' at the weekend, once I've handed it over :)

Till then have a good night and day tomorrow.

12 February 2011

Onto the last step

I finished joining the sections on Thursday night. It's not to the standard I want but I think it has turned out well nonetheless. I can learn from this when I come to do the next piece.

All that's left to do now is to frame it. I went out on Friday to pick up the bits I need - frame, non reflective glass, backboard, mounting.

I also bought glazier points to hold everything in at the back, but the layers are too thick put together. I saw something I can use as an alternative, I'll have a proper look when I go back.

Hopefully I can start attaching the picture to the mounting board this evening - while I watch tv! Next will be assembling it all. I've figured out how I'll keep the picture in place - if I just lay it on top of the mounting it is likely to move around. So I'll fix it to the backboard, after repeated measuring of course!!

I'll post a picture of it once all that is done and the recipient has it in hand. I can't wait to see it all framed, the glimpse I got on friday while getting the bits and bobs made me happy!

Happy beading and good evening :)

9 February 2011

The anticipation is too much

I was supposed to take a break from beading today but.....what I'm working on wouldn't let me rest! :D

So I've started joining the two sections. I'm a short way off half way. Next will be looking at frames to see which one will suit it best. That Might be at the weekend, tomorrow is work.

Enjoy your day :)

The end is nigh!

I'm almost there :) I cut the second half off the loom, but I'll only show you a sneak pic of it.

The left section really disappointed me and left me despairing. But THIS has managed to make me smile very widely inside! - I'm too tired to show the excitement and RELIEF externally....

The next picture I post will be of it all done i.e. framing etc. I'm undecided as to whether I'll try framing it myself or have it done. I'll see as the time comes.

In the meantime sleep beckons. I'll decide tomorrow whether I join the sections or leave it till Friday. Depends on a few things.

Till next time, sweet dreams :)

8 February 2011

Almost halfway!

I'm speeding through the second half if the portrait I'm working on at the moment. I mistakenly repeated a section, so I have to undo 4 lines. Luckily the lines I'm undoing are on the new thread!

I'm going to set myself up in front of the tv. Hopefully I can get in 1.5hrs before I have to head to bed. I'll post a picture perhaps tomorrow, depending on how much I've gotten done.

Till then happy beading and goodnight :)

6 February 2011

Not quite

I finished the first half of the 'portrait' yesterday but it hasn't cone out quite as I wanted it. Why?...it's too dark in the crucial areas - mainly the eye but also the nose and mouth definition. I've been asked to finish it as they can see the resemblance.....but I'm not happy so will do another trying to match the colours in the pattern I generated.

For what it's worth, here is a photo of the first half:

I can just about make out the eye but it's not to my satisfaction! This is a good way to learn how colours look and interact when next to each other.

I'll post a picture of the second half when it's finished. After that it will be the framed picture you'll see :)

Have a good evening & night!

4 February 2011

I couldn't wait....

To start on my latest project - a loomed portrait, albeit a small one!

The beads arrived yesterday morning but I couldn't check them out till I got home from work.

After a bit of a hassle with the frame loom, and a sample yesterday, I decided to loom the picture in two sections and join them. I don't really have time to sort out the frame loom as I need to be getting on with this.

I'm enjoying looming again. Hopefully the ideas will start flowing again :)

I'll post a WIP picture when the section I've worked is more substantial. That may be the only one till it's finished. I'll make up my mind as I go along :)

Have a lovely afternoon!

30 January 2011

Almost back on the horse

I've got an exciting looming to get started on soon. Hopefully it turns out as good in real life as it looks on the computer!! I won't be able to reveal it until the recipient has seen it.

It's going to be 5"x7" so I needed a new loom big enough. After remembering something I saw, I came up with this:

It's basically just a photo frame with upholstery nails and springs (from a plate holder)!

20 January 2011

Quiet for too long!

Yes, it's been a long while since I posted anything at all. Reason being I've done hardly any beading at all since Christmas. I guess you could call it a 'short break'.

I'll soon be back in the midst of it all though. I'm participating in an 'online class' via a group on facebook. I also got in an order yesterday which I have to work on. This means I may (read WILL) need to have a second loom.

In the meantime here's a little eye candy from me. Just some earrings someone requested after seeing my simpler ones :)

The hearts are Crystal AB but boy was this bling hard to photograph!!

Enjoy your day and thanks for stopping by. Hopefully I'll have more postings over the coming weeks!