23 December 2010

Back on the bike!

I haven't done any beading since I last posted. There are several bracelets still waiting to be clasped, I didn't have any patterns to loom, and I wanted to catch up on my recorded tv programs. What excuses eh! :)

Anyway, here's what's got me back in the saddle so to speak. My sister wanted something narrower than the bracelets I've made so far, so this is what I'm working on.

I'm past halfway so should be able to finish it by Christmas....perhaps.... I probably should have used a matte red so the gold didn't blend too much. Hopefully she'll like it anyway - the important thing is it has red in it lol!

I don't know when I'll be posting again, so I will take this opportunity to wish you a merry Christmas and a blessed new Year.

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