28 November 2010

I want one!!!

I graphed a bracelet last week and couldn't wait to see what it looks like loomed up. And I really like it. What remains to bs seen is whether you do too :)

It looks SO much better in real life. I'm thinking this could be the one to 'break me in' ie getting me used to wearing bracelets :) so I'll be making one to my measurement over the next weeks or so.

I've got a variation on it which I'll probably loom up next. And there's ideas for 3 more in this 'line' then onto colour!

Hope you like, and enjoy your afternoon.


  1. I love it! You should make one for yourself. Everyone that will see it on you will want one. ;)

  2. Espectacular, .......lo que hace la óptica....fascinante.....