30 November 2010

One down, one half way

Today I spent what free time I got edging the bracelets. One is ready for the clasp and the other is half done.

I had hoped to start looming a new one or edging but I'm feeling might tired. I'll see when I come in from (fingers crossed) shifting the car - it's stuck on ice!! If I still feel washed out I'll just go read in bed and wake up early instead.

Till next time!

28 November 2010

I want one!!!

I graphed a bracelet last week and couldn't wait to see what it looks like loomed up. And I really like it. What remains to bs seen is whether you do too :)

It looks SO much better in real life. I'm thinking this could be the one to 'break me in' ie getting me used to wearing bracelets :) so I'll be making one to my measurement over the next weeks or so.

I've got a variation on it which I'll probably loom up next. And there's ideas for 3 more in this 'line' then onto colour!

Hope you like, and enjoy your afternoon.

21 November 2010

Three more

I've got 3 patterns graphed that I'll loom in the coming weeks. One is supposed to be part of the 'illusion' series but I'm not sure if it will fit in. I'll have to study it further and see.

The other is in greens and I still have to decide what colour background to have on the last one.

As usual I'll post pictures as I work on them. Enjoy the rest of your day :)

19 November 2010

Forgot about these

I finished looming this the other day but forgot to post it! I've got just the edging to do then I can cut it off.

I haven't really got any patterns on paper to loom. But I have one or two in mind, as well as something I would like to try out.

I also found this yesterday. Cellini spiral is easy but takes time to work up!

Have a good evening :)

16 November 2010

Warped for the next one!

I cut the bracelet off the loom this morning and warped it ready for the next one. Hopefully I can make a start on it today. First have some errands to run.

12 November 2010

There's a mistake!...

I started this the other and just found a mistake. It's too late to go back now. Had I seen it earlier while looming I could have sorted it out. I'm not entirely sure what to do now! :(

Anyway here it is, hope you like the (correct) design!

10 November 2010

It's off already!

While the children were sleeping I managed to finish looming the second illusion bracelet and cut it off the loom. The edging for the next few bracelets will be done off the loom as I really want to get them made!

Anyway here is the design in its' entirety. It's a repeat so if you saw the earlier picture you've seen it all lol! The same will apply for the next two bracelets as well so I may just post when they're off the loom.

Have yourselves a lovely evening :)

Illusion part 2

I took the other bracelet off the loom last night but it was an experimental one so I won't be showing the picture. You saw the pattern which is the important thing :)

Anyway I started another bracelet in the 'illusion' series last night.

I've got two more lined up, and a variation each of the two. Hopefully they look good as well :)

I've got to get the kids sorted and ear my breakfast so I'll wish you all a beautiful day!

2 November 2010

A BIG thank you!!

I just want to say a HUGE BOOMING thank you to anyone that follows, comments on or reads my blog. It's greatly appreciated, even if I am somewhat slack in replying to comments (Lucy, thank you for all of yours!).

Maybe I should plan to do a giveaway in future as a thank you - when life is not too hectic...!

On another note, this is what's on the loom at the moment

I have to decide whether I'm going to make Christmas presents, and SOON!!! it's early November but I have a feeling the days will go FAST!

There is one special bracelet I have lined up for my mum, I just have to (slowly) gather the delicas I need for it. Here's hoping I can have it made by end of the year...

Ok real life calls. Enjoy your morning/afternoon depending where you are :)