3 October 2010

Something in mind

I've got something in mind BUT it will take me a while to make. I have to figure out the 'logistics' - I've got the basic idea down on paper and need to fill in the gaps then I can make a start.

I'm hoping it comes out as I (vaguely) see it in my head - hence I need time to work it all out!!

In the meantime I've got another bracelet lined up once the current one is off the loom. Here's a snatch of it.

It seems 'geometry' has a hold on me! I'm not intentionally going down that road :D

Yesterday I managed to finish looming the green & yellow bracelet. Here is the pattern in its' entirety. Edging will be something simple in this case I think. Hopefully this will be off the loom by Tuesday so I can start on the one above!

Thank you for coming by, and have a beautiful afternoon :)

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