29 October 2010

A little hectic!

I haven't loomed as much as I would have liked since Sunday. But, I managed to fit in some time to edge the necklace and cut it off the loom. I've not yet had the chance to take a better picture - as said, I've been kind if busy with other things.

If you can look past the threads you can just about see it :D here's also a closeup of the edging:

About halfway through I realised the crystals weren't quite the right shade of red! I had a mini panic but it was too late so went ahead anyway. Luckily it somehow works so that was a great relief!!

Since I cut it off, i couldn't have the loom sitting there empty! So this is what's on there at the moment. I need more of the background delicas, so it won't be finished till end of next week - depending on whether I go to the shop physically or order online.

Otherwise right now I'm thinking of getting another loom specifically for bracelets. As well as making one for larger projects. There is one I saw that someone made which looked FABULOUS!! My husband even suggested he could make me one. We'll see.

Have a beautiful afternoon :)

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