8 October 2010

And Cut !

As you can probably figure, the bracelet is off the loom. I managed to get more of the red delicas I needed yesterday, and at a very good price.

My plan was to wake up early so I could work on the last section and also start the edging. By about 8am I'd made a start. The little one woke as I completed about 75% of the edging.

It didn't take long to 'polish off' after I put her down for her nap. And here it is :)

I was going for a netted edging look. It's a little rough in terms of how I wanted it to look but maybe it's better this way...I'm still deciding. Here's a closer look at it

Hope you like. Pointers and tips are always welcome :)

Now it's time for a quick nap!

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