14 September 2010

Forgot to post this in my rush!

I made this in June. I started out intending to make a necklace but was pushed for time (baby was ill), so I made a bracelet instead. It was finished in a rush on the day it was needed so it's a little incomplete.

I think when I'm freed up again I'll make another one and perhaps do an equivalent on the loom - I'd have to think about the latter.

Otherwise, the quiet is because I haven't had time to do any beading the last week or so! Tonight I'll be working on a rivoli bracelet. I need to order the clasp for that one :)

A good evening to you!


  1. Guauuuuuuuuuuu, que belleza, me encanta....uff, no me fascina, espectacular.....felicidades....