12 August 2010

Two more bracelets

I recently designed another bracelet to be loomed but I wasn't entirely happy with the outcome - it was quite late when I worked on it, and I was tired. Here is what I came up with (a preview).

Since I wasn't very happy with it, I let it sit for a few days. Then tonight I came up with this one:

I will likely loom both, starting with the second. The preview for the second doesn't really show much but hopefully you like what you can see. With that one, I will try adding 'a different view'. All will be revealed when I have completed it.

All that comes after I make the bracelets that need to be finished. So it could be a month before you see anything from me again, or even hear from me. I will post a picture of the bracelets when I'm done. Tomorrow I have to buy some red seeds as I surprisingly (more like baffled!) don't have any AT ALL...well not in the size I need anyway!

A good night and sweet dreams to you all :)

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