26 July 2010

A wasted, unproductive day!

Last night I brought my beading to bed in case I awoke early enough to get some beading in before the babes woke up. That didn't quite work out as my daughter acted as my alarm clock this morning :)

After an hour or so awake my stomach started feeling funny and nausea reared it's ugly head! So all day I've been mainly lying down as standing or (occasionally) sitting brings on a BAD wave of nausea!!

Am so annoyed as I was soo looking forward to working on this necklace. Hopefully I should be back to normal tomorrow then I can get on - I only have 5 days to finish it. No pressure or anything :) I'll try and post a WIP 'sneak pic' when I get a chance, but it won't be much mind!

A lovely evening to you all

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