17 July 2010


I'm almost done with the loomed bracelet. I was waiting for a clasp (thank you kindly again Erin!) and I'm now ready to finish it off :)

This will be the last WIP picture as next time you'll be seeing the finished bracelet. Hopefully it will come out quite well.

On another note, I'm going to my cousins wedding on 1 August and need to make myself some jewellery. Yes, time is VERY SHORT yet I'm still undecided on the final design for the necklace! One thing I know is I want to incorporate a butterfly in there! The bracelet....I might just wear the one I made for my wedding, if I can find it. That leaves earrings. I'd completely forgotten about those!!

Right off to plan. Have a fabulous afternoon :)


  1. Te ha quedado de maravilla, unos colores fantasticos.....felicidades

  2. very cool bracelet!!! love the colours! great!!!

  3. Thank you Triz, means A LOT coming from you :)