4 July 2010

Potential for addiction?!

I've enjoyed looming so far despite the fact it takes a bit of time. Then again, prettu much all the things I've made this year took a bit of time to complete!

Anyway I think when I finish this I should design something else for the loom again - possibly a bracelet just to keep on the simple side.

I did some more in the morning after an early start. Ok, 8 isn't really that early I guess! These days I can't go back to sleep if I wake up.

Anyway, I chose to nap this afternoon instead of bead - fat lot of good that did because I still feel sleepy!!

I'll try and post another picture later on this evening to show progress. You'll then be able to see the pattern. I'm liking it! Simple but effective with the colours i used. I hope you like too :)

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