29 July 2010

Getting there slowly but surely

I managed to get a reasonable amount of beading done yesterday so I went to sleep a very happy girl!.

Anyway I've finished 3 flowers, 2 of which need the tails worked in. I don't know why but I seem to have this knack of 'discovering' a quick way to work in tails further along into the project. So I tend to be left with parts of the piece with tails and parts without.

Anyway I digress. What I have left to do now is to decide on its design and make the central flower. Then I have the other half of the necklace to make as well as attach the flowers however I so choose!

Here are the flowers as they stand:

With all that in mind I don't have much time to finish so every minute I'm working on this needs to be ├╝ber productive! Wish me luck......

1 comment:

  1. Son preciosas, del color que sea, son super lindas, me encantan!!!!