29 July 2010

Getting there slowly but surely

I managed to get a reasonable amount of beading done yesterday so I went to sleep a very happy girl!.

Anyway I've finished 3 flowers, 2 of which need the tails worked in. I don't know why but I seem to have this knack of 'discovering' a quick way to work in tails further along into the project. So I tend to be left with parts of the piece with tails and parts without.

Anyway I digress. What I have left to do now is to decide on its design and make the central flower. Then I have the other half of the necklace to make as well as attach the flowers however I so choose!

Here are the flowers as they stand:

With all that in mind I don't have much time to finish so every minute I'm working on this needs to be ├╝ber productive! Wish me luck......

26 July 2010

Sneak pic

It's not much but does give (half of) the game away! Hope you like :)

Sweet dreams!

A wasted, unproductive day!

Last night I brought my beading to bed in case I awoke early enough to get some beading in before the babes woke up. That didn't quite work out as my daughter acted as my alarm clock this morning :)

After an hour or so awake my stomach started feeling funny and nausea reared it's ugly head! So all day I've been mainly lying down as standing or (occasionally) sitting brings on a BAD wave of nausea!!

Am so annoyed as I was soo looking forward to working on this necklace. Hopefully I should be back to normal tomorrow then I can get on - I only have 5 days to finish it. No pressure or anything :) I'll try and post a WIP 'sneak pic' when I get a chance, but it won't be much mind!

A lovely evening to you all

17 July 2010


I'm almost done with the loomed bracelet. I was waiting for a clasp (thank you kindly again Erin!) and I'm now ready to finish it off :)

This will be the last WIP picture as next time you'll be seeing the finished bracelet. Hopefully it will come out quite well.

On another note, I'm going to my cousins wedding on 1 August and need to make myself some jewellery. Yes, time is VERY SHORT yet I'm still undecided on the final design for the necklace! One thing I know is I want to incorporate a butterfly in there! The bracelet....I might just wear the one I made for my wedding, if I can find it. That leaves earrings. I'd completely forgotten about those!!

Right off to plan. Have a fabulous afternoon :)

5 July 2010

Liking it!!

I'm being guided through the world of looming by the fabulous Erin Simonetti.

Anyway, I've really enjoyed working on this bracelet. Now don't get too excited, I haven't actually finished it yet! But I thought I'd show you the pattern - I was meant to post a picture yesterday? but was too tired and didn't get a chance to do any more.

Well, enough rambling. Here it is. Hope you like :)

4 July 2010

Potential for addiction?!

I've enjoyed looming so far despite the fact it takes a bit of time. Then again, prettu much all the things I've made this year took a bit of time to complete!

Anyway I think when I finish this I should design something else for the loom again - possibly a bracelet just to keep on the simple side.

I did some more in the morning after an early start. Ok, 8 isn't really that early I guess! These days I can't go back to sleep if I wake up.

Anyway, I chose to nap this afternoon instead of bead - fat lot of good that did because I still feel sleepy!!

I'll try and post another picture later on this evening to show progress. You'll then be able to see the pattern. I'm liking it! Simple but effective with the colours i used. I hope you like too :)


I was lucky to 'friend' Erin Simonetti of http://www.beadsbeadingbeaded.com/index.html on facebook. I came across her website a long time ago and would occasionally check back for her new works.

Anyway, after reading her new blog and seeing her posts on facebook, I decided to try out bead loomin again. Why again, you may wonder. About....6 years ago I made some loomed chokers for an anniversary. Since then I've done absolutely nothing along that line.

I digress, but basically Erin gave me (without her knowledge!) some verve to do some looming and so I've started on the pattern I posted about previously.

Here is the preview picture as I always like to do. Sorry about the quality, it was taken on my phone - it's past midnight and am too tired to take proper pics now! I should have been asleep long ago but you know how it is when you start beading!!!

Sweet dreams :)