11 May 2010

Still here and busy!

I know I promised a picture by the end of last month but.....the necklace isn't quite finished! I know I know, we are into May. But I have a genuine explanation.

Someone ordered a necklace so that became my priority. I'm going to be having early starts and late(ish) nights in the hope that I can finish it by Thursday evening.

Why you may ask! Friday I'm going away for the weekend for someone's birthday and I want something fresh to work on - probably including adding the clasp on the Necklace. This monthi wantedto do bracelets and I haethe perfect colours for one already.....Hopefully I have enough beads left over wheni finish this order as I think it would look fabulous!

Aside from that I also have an order for a bracelet and a bag (crochet) so I'll be working on them as well after this weekend.

Happy beading!

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  1. Brenda:
    We are ready to ship out your challenge kit...it is very yummy. Please give me your address details.