13 May 2010


I finally finished the order this morning. I had a late night yesterday in the hopes of finishing it but I was just tooooo tired. This was made worse by my little one refusing to sleep even though she was tired. We both eventually fell asleep after 3am.

Yesterday I was up by 7 and today I was up around 8:30. If you do the maths that's not much sleep!!! And just as I had decided to take a nap, she wakes up. And my son hasn't taken his nap either so we are just going to head over to my mums. I think tonight is early night. Hopefully missy will sleep by 9:30.

This isn't the best picture so I'll post another when I get some time to photograph it. The necklace is a copy of my zebra stripes in ivory and gold.......have to say looks better than mine hehe!!

Happy beading!

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