31 May 2010

Almost there...indecision is a killer!

After much ummming and ahhhhing (which turned out to be a real time-waster), I FINALLY decided on how to complete the May piece.....having said that I haven't actually completed it yet. Yes, I know today is the last day of the month but I want to try and complete it tonight or tomorrow daytime. Then pictures :) The theme for this month was keep it simple. Kind of hard to do but I stuck to it.

A sneak preview of what's to come next month.

That doesn't give much away which is how I like it. I'm really hoping it comes out looking the way I want it to look. I think next month will be one for more than one project....providing the above doesn't take me very long!

Happy beading :)

21 May 2010

Better late than never!

Yes, I haven't actually posted a picture of the April piece yet...So here it is. Just a simple herringbone necklace, I guess it looks quite pretty :)

I only stitched and attached the clasp yesterday. Tomorrow it will be on its' way to my (sort of) mother-in-law. Hopefully she will like it when she sees it in real life (she saw it on skype!). Unfortunately she's not in the UK so I won't be able to get a decent picture - I forgot to take the camera with me to photograph it yesterday (we were at my mums'). The picture doesn't show it very well but the colours are blues, greens etc.

13 May 2010


I finally finished the order this morning. I had a late night yesterday in the hopes of finishing it but I was just tooooo tired. This was made worse by my little one refusing to sleep even though she was tired. We both eventually fell asleep after 3am.

Yesterday I was up by 7 and today I was up around 8:30. If you do the maths that's not much sleep!!! And just as I had decided to take a nap, she wakes up. And my son hasn't taken his nap either so we are just going to head over to my mums. I think tonight is early night. Hopefully missy will sleep by 9:30.

This isn't the best picture so I'll post another when I get some time to photograph it. The necklace is a copy of my zebra stripes in ivory and gold.......have to say looks better than mine hehe!!

Happy beading!

11 May 2010

Still here and busy!

I know I promised a picture by the end of last month but.....the necklace isn't quite finished! I know I know, we are into May. But I have a genuine explanation.

Someone ordered a necklace so that became my priority. I'm going to be having early starts and late(ish) nights in the hope that I can finish it by Thursday evening.

Why you may ask! Friday I'm going away for the weekend for someone's birthday and I want something fresh to work on - probably including adding the clasp on the Necklace. This monthi wantedto do bracelets and I haethe perfect colours for one already.....Hopefully I have enough beads left over wheni finish this order as I think it would look fabulous!

Aside from that I also have an order for a bracelet and a bag (crochet) so I'll be working on them as well after this weekend.

Happy beading!