18 April 2010

I'm still beading

I know I haven't posted anything of recent, not even progress pictures. But I am still beading. This months' project will be a necklace. I decided the larger project would take too long so I will leave it for another time.

The design I had in my head has changed somewhat but I think I prefer the direction it's going in now. I'm kind of improvising as I go along and it's not as bad as I thought!

Just to whet you appetites, here is a WIP picture. Sorry about the quality. I am working on that side of things as well. I bought myself a portable studio last weekend but only had time to try it out just now while the peas are down for their naps.

Anyway enough rambling. Once I finish the necklace I will be working on 3 orders I got. My idea for the May project is already in my head - I just have to decide on the design and then wait to start it next month.

Happy beading :)

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