28 April 2010

2 days and counting!!!

I started this months project with a finish in mind but as May drew closer I also changed my mind!! Now I'm stuck on how to finish it. Hopefully you'll see what I mean when I post the picture in the next few days. It will be ready to wear but......well, I'll leave or to you to decide if it's enough or needs a little more because I'm absolutely stuck.

So tomorrow I have to actually bead! Yesterday I was out all day - a lame excuse as I had some time to venture into Tunisian crochet!! Today I'm feeling too sleepy to do any and we'll be going to the park once my son wakes up.

As for next month, I think more bracelets are needed. Perhaps some earrings but I cat guarantee it! I also need to fulfill 3 orders, one of which is a crocheted bag.

So, check back within the next 3-4 days and (PLEASE) help me out :D

18 April 2010

I'm still beading

I know I haven't posted anything of recent, not even progress pictures. But I am still beading. This months' project will be a necklace. I decided the larger project would take too long so I will leave it for another time.

The design I had in my head has changed somewhat but I think I prefer the direction it's going in now. I'm kind of improvising as I go along and it's not as bad as I thought!

Just to whet you appetites, here is a WIP picture. Sorry about the quality. I am working on that side of things as well. I bought myself a portable studio last weekend but only had time to try it out just now while the peas are down for their naps.

Anyway enough rambling. Once I finish the necklace I will be working on 3 orders I got. My idea for the May project is already in my head - I just have to decide on the design and then wait to start it next month.

Happy beading :)