1 March 2010

Order and 'investment'

Well, someone saw my Zebra stripes necklace and liked it so much they ordered one exactly the same but in different colours. One of the colours is a challenge so I think I'll have to seek some...'advise' on beads before I go ahead and buy :)

On another note, I bought a display bust last week and it arrived today. I'm very excited as I need to get serious about good pictures of the jewellery I make. I tried to get a black one but was unsuccessful so will make do with the white for now. It may even suit my purposes just fine.

So, I'll try and find some time to take pictures of the neckace again and post them. Feedback will be most welcome, be it criticism or pointers.

I haven't had a chance to work on the March project since Saturday but hopefully tomorrow I can fit in anhour or two. I'm not sure if I'll finish it by the weekend as I still have half of the neckace to do and Thursday I will be out all day We will see how it progresses.....I'd do some now but I'm tired and don't want to make any mistakes.

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